Q. What is the price range of your gown collection?

A. Our special order designer gowns range from $1,100 - $3,500. However, if you are on a tight budget or don't have time for a special order, ask about our next sample sale or trunk show. 


Q. What is the timeline for ordering my dress? 

A. While our designers can take anywhere from four to six months on special ordered gowns, delivery times can often vary based on the time of year. Also, keep in mind that custom measurements and/or additional changes will require more time. If a regular turnaround doesn't fit your timeline, we are able to accommodate almost any wedding date deadline with a few tricks up our sleeves. Most of our designers keep various styles in stock and once ordered they arrive within weeks. We also have a selection of dresses that can be purchased off the floor. Your perfect dress is out there and we will help you find it. 


Q. What size gowns do you have to try on? 

A. Most of our samples are sizes are 10-12 but we offer a range of sizes 8-16 in store. While we don't have each dress in different sizes, we do our best to show each bride what the dress will look like on her figure.


Q. What do I need to bring with me to my appointment? 

A. We ask our brides to come in with an open-mind, positive attitude - and SMILE! After all, in the wise words of "Annie" you're never fully dressed without a smile! We truly believe when you feel your best you will feel good in what you try on. It never hurts to bring a strapless bra, shape-wear and a sassy pair of shoes. We love seeing pictures of what you are looking for also; so don't hesitate to spend hours pinning your favorite styles for your appointment - we're giving you permission.


Q. Who should I bring with me to my appointment? 

A. We understand that you want all of your loved ones to be there when you find that perfect dress. However,we recommend that you keep your group small, 1-4 individuals. It is important that you bring people whose opinion you value most and those you wish to share the experience with. Our boutique offers a very intimate setting with limited seating. On Saturday appointments, we are unable to accommodate parties over 5 people due to our seating arrangements. Not to worry, we are happy to make accommodate for larger parties during the week.


Q. Are your prices negotiable and do you offer discounts? 

A. Unfortunately, No. While we strive to offer our brides the best possible pricing, we want to afford each bride the same courtesy. All our gowns are priced at the designer's suggested pricing and can't be adjusted unless we are having a trunk show or special event. Due to our commitment we will not negotiate on prices with brides at the risk of losing the relationship or ability to carry any one of our amazing designers. 


Q. Do you do alterations?  

A. Absolutely! Moliere Bridal House is proud to boast one of the most experienced bridal seamstress’ in Oklahoma. Alterations are not included in the price of the gown and typically run around $200-$400, depending on the changes needing to be made to your gown. Please don't hesitate to discuss charges and estimates with your consultant during your appointment. 

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